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Brain Drain

The migration of scientists, doctors, engineers and other technically qualified persons usually from an underdeveloped country is termed “brain drain”. India suffers a great loss in the steady outflow of her talents, especially those educated at the tax payer’s money.

One of the main reasons of brain drain is the widespread unemployment and under employment in our country. Scientists, engineers, doctors do not get jobs befitting their qualifications and skills. Lack of proper opportunities for research work, fund, guidance, equipments and above all prevalence of absurd red-tapism here generate acute frustration in them. It is this state of affairs that forces them to go abroad. Better conditions of job and higher standard of living in those countries lure them to stay on there. There are instances when many of them on their return to India were unable to get jobs befitting their qualifications and skill. They were naturally frustrated when they found that neither they could afford to live a decent life with the salary the job fetched them, nor their specific skill could be utilised in the best possible manner. They had to fight with outdated equipments, inefficient set-up, red-tapism and neglect. All these are great disincentives to our talanted and promising young scholars and they are forced to leave India again. That is why Khoranas and Chandra Sekhars have opted out to stay abroad.

This brain drain is a great national loss. Qualified persons could have done this country more good by working under favourable conditions here. Though we cannot pay them as much as they may get abroad, we can certainly improve the working conditions to their acceptable level. Bureaucratic set up, red tapism and neglect should be done away with. Given a congenial atmosphere, many of these scientists may feel like coming back to their motherland.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    Brain drain is indeed a national loss as it causes non availability of the experts when required most ..needs to be stopped by giving the right opportunity to the right and qualified person..with apt job satisfaction

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