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Curiosity means the urge to know the unknown. It is mostly inherent in a man’s nature. It is a sort of an adventure, and this spirit of adventure draws a man irresistably towards the unknown. And that is how the world has found it’s inventors, explorers and others who had led the way in various fields of human endeavour. The sense of curiosity is a force behind many a discovery and invention. Socrates, Galileo, Marco Polo, Columbus, Capatain Cook, David Livingstone are a few examples of great persons who have become famous for their adventurous discoveries. Driven by this spirit of curiosity great scientists like Newton, Edision, Graham Bell, Alexander Fleming and others made famous scientific inventions that helped us to increase our knowledge. Today man is busy investigating the universe. man however, has to direct this spirit od curiosity for the betterment of humanity. Scientific inventions lie at the root of our progress. If the power of science and the new inventions are used for unhealthy purpose as in war, it will end in fearful consequences leading to danger and degradation. Man’s Spirit of curiosity, if directed carefully, would be a great boon to humanity.

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