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Discipline makes a nation great

Discipline is the backbone of a society . Students of today are the citizens of tomorrow . So , it is of vital importance that the students must be taught about the benefits of discipline from an early stage . Discipline , so vital for a nation , makes a nation great . It also helps the students to form a strong moral character . In order to overcome the hard difficulties which a student will have to face in his journey through life , certain qualities such as diligence and dutifulness , patience and perseverance , honesty and truthfulness , courage and containment – qualities which go into making of a man’s character – necessary. Acquisition of those qualities is not possible without discipline . Student life being the seed time of life , the value of discipline in student life cannot be overestimated .

Discipline means regularity and obedience to set of well laid out rules . Students must be asked to follow them rigidity . A disciplined life leads to a good health and saving of time . This also induces a healthy respect for one another . It is often found that a well disciplined student becomes successful in later life only for his sincerity and regularity . In fact , it is discipline at an early stage that helps to make a nation great .

Discipline necessitates regularity in every sphere of life . If a student learns and adheres to discipline from his school days , there is no doubt that he or she would shine in life.

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    Thank you very much. I appreciate.

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    I am very appreciate it.Thank you so much.

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