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Do we want peace really ?

Peace is a very tame and innocent word . But sensible people all over the world now give it utmost importance . It is now the most widely discussed topic in the world . alarmed at the effects of nuclear warfare and impact of some nuclear accidents at some places , mankind has become aware of the dangerous situation in which they are living today .

To avoid direct conflict , disarmament talks are going on between the super powers . However , it is distressing to note the mutual distrust is so intense that , though they have agreed and destroyed some weapons , they are still racing against each other to pile up stronger and deadlier weapons .So , we find negotiations on peace and preparation for war going on simultaneously . This has resulted in the world sitting on top of a simmering volcano .

It is irony of fate while about 40 % of the world’s population live below poverty line , and millions die for want of food , different nations are spending billions in military budgets only . Can we not bue peace and save these unfortunate millions scattered round the world with the huge amount we spend for the preparation of war ?

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    hi how are u doing??? I agree with ur points. The title is very attractive… 🙂

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