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Life is not a bed of roses

Man is the maker of his own fortune . We cannot make our fortune or cannot prosper in life if we are afraid of labour . Some people think that success in life depends on luck or chance . Nothing can be further from the truth . Hard labour is needed to achieve success in every walk of life . Scientists have toiled day & night in their laboratories , and as a result they have invented gramophone , radio and television which have added to the joy of life .

We should know that life is not a bed of roses and that we can gain nothing without pains . Life will be sure misery if we shrink from labour and if we fail to earn money to meet our daily expenses . Industry is the secret of success not only for an individual bot also for a nation . Japan and America are very powerful nations of the world today . They have attained this power and position by virtue of the earnest toil of their children .We Indians too , must work hard if we want to raise the prestige of our motherland in the eye of the world .

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  1. rohanrs says:

    Hi buddy good topic and very meaningful and nice to read…keep posting such things…

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