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Value of Time

Time is invaluable . As it flows on , nothing can stop its course . Time once past cannot be brought back by any means . But many do not realise this . They waste their time , thinking that they would make up the loss in future . The hope , however , is never realised . Thus , if anybody wastes his boyhood , he will not be able to acquire and build up character in future , and will suffer all his life in consequence . Similarly , if a student neglects his studies from day to day , no amount of hard labour before the examination will get him through .

If we look around we shall see that the successful men in all spheres of life are those who made proper use of every moment of their time . The most prosperous nations too are those that do not waste any moment . We also should take our lessons from them both for ourselves and for our nation .

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  1. smile_kanth says:

    thats why somedody says like this , ask the value 5 yrs to the man who losed in election.and ask the value of 1 yr to the student who lost in examination,and ask the value of one minute to the man who missed the bus while going interview.and ask the value of one second to the athlet who lost in one seconds.


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