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Boby ZJindal becomes Governer…

Boby ZJindal becomes first Indian origin Governer of America (Louisiana State,
Louisiana state becomes news because one of the worst Katrina (sunami) affected arrea).

He is the younger ever Governer (at the age 36). At the time of announcement there present his parents, wife supriya & two child, some Hariyana fellow also.

He is basically from Hariyana, India. It is really a great news for us (isn’t?).

Though he like to introduce himself as American rather Indian & he seldom visit India (I think so), yet I think it’s a good news for all of us (Indians). As he somehow related to India.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    Forgive me if I sound cynical and harsh, but that is not my intent. You will understand my feelings when you come to the last portion of my comment.

    He is more of an American than an Indian, which he himself will also acknowledge.

    Why is it that we always look at those who have deserted our country for greener pastures and who have made it big and shower accolades on them. Iam sure they should not be taken as role models. Sunitha Williams is one of those also who has also been clamoured by us claiming her Indian origin and associating her success to Indianness.

    Let us appreciate and acknowledge the great works and achievements of people within India first.


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