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Kangana Ranaut is not interested in Man

In an recent interview with India’s top magazine the well known (becoming popular) bollywood beauty Kangana Ranaut disclose that she is not interested in Man right now as she is only 20+.

Sha came from manali, a small town (most probably). Now resides in Mumbai alone. At the starting phase of her career sha faces lots of problem but at last she start getting reward for her fight.

Few recent hits give her the fame as well as the position in the high populated bollywood film industry (though I personally think she can improve her acting, isn’t?).

Now the boolywood trend isto show as much skin as you can. Film hits only if there is skin (isn’t?) & Kangana has the figure as well the appearence, so who can stop her?

Great Kangana.
Wish you a good luck.

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