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Now tell me what you people think when you see a picture of a coconut and a picture of a shark.
The answer is quite simple ……… people seeing the coconut will say its healthy food drink , produces oil etc etc. and what would you say if you see a shark’s picture …….. here also the answer is quite a simple one … reminds you of JAWS , a sign of impending danger or a macho name for any person in the underworld…….

Now here is a fact … coconuts in the south east asian countries kill more people every year than do sharks …… but even then if you ask people there they fear sharks more over coconuts ….

This is called a case of “obsessive mentality” .
We have made a fixed picture in our minds about certain things and are unable to get away with it…. but this affects our daily lives and sometimes our realtions also get hampered due to this paltry reasoning …. we should better be careful when we attach character certificate to a person which is taken as an absolute reference thereafter …………

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