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Credibility of hindi movies

Seriously i am getting frustrated by seeing hindi movies now a days .. barring a few all the movies are losing there original essence as they seem to be some copy of hollywood lesser known movies to the huge bollywood audience here in our country … i was also one of those movie geeks … but recently i am having a good deal of exposure on hollywood pictures and am astonished to see that many are the original version of our once known hindi movies…. just to give you an example …. most of us have watched “Dil hai ke manta nahi” … it is actually a copied version of 1938 hollywood movie named “It happened one night” ….. “Dhamal” is almost a sopied version of ” road trip” and other lesser known english movies …. this is causing our originality to get lesser day by day … we should come back to our own indian style stories rather than flashy ones just for moneys sake……….

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