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home interiors


Interior design can be more of a mystery than an art.

Welcome ….

…. to the exciting world of Home Interior Design.

Imagine being able to transform any dull lifeless room into a room of style, elegance, beauty …. a room full of character…. a room you, or any home maker would be proud of. A room that receives admiring compliments from visitors. Call us and you could soon be sitting in a beautiful room of you own creation.

Well now you can.

Patil Interiors can put that ‘magic touch” to almost any room.

You will be able to improve the appearance of your own house — quickly, effective and inexpensively.

You can work your ‘magic” within even the tightest of budgets.

Within week you will be

seeing your own room in a totally different light.
you will have the ability to hide unwanted features and bring out the natural beauty of any room.

Whether you are looking to redesign a kitchen or any ultra-modern bedroom in an apartment, you will soon find the inspiration and the confidence to put your new ideas into action.

That’s why we have included a range of budget ideas. Ingenious tips and simple techniques that will enable you to transform any room quickly at a minimal cost.

We are committed to the success of each and every home interiors solutions. You may need help with a particular project or assignment … just call us any time, we will be please to help you …

Patil interiors offers home interiors and transform dull rooms into stylish showpieces. We also tackle projects such as offices, hotels and restaurants.

The basic elements for any home interiors are :

Home Interiors

Designing all the main areas of the home from entrance to loft.

Commercial Interiors

Designing beyond the home i.e. offices and shops.


Designing a style — traditional, modern and contemporary. Looks at the styles of interior design and how they influence modern day interiors.


An essential guide to plumbing, heating and electrical services, explained in a clear and simple manner for a successful and workable scheme.

Patterns & Textiles

The total coordination of room with textiles, carpets, curtains and blinds — making the right combination to produce the effect you want.


Advice on which furniture to use in which scheme.


Considering the effect of lighting on you schemes.

Paint Finishes

All the many styles and methods at your fingertips.

Living Room

The main meeting area, where our design abilities become a showpiece.

Entrance Halls

Making them efficient and impressive.

Loft Rooms

Making a loft conversion attraction and functional.


Planning a comfortable and pleasurable environment.


Designing a kitchen that suits your individual needs.


Designing the bathroom — making the right choice of fixture and fittings.


Explore the use of colour texture and pattern to give your room a certain look and feel.


Learn about the materials you will need for interior designing and where to find them and making the right choice when planning a scheme.


We put your ideas into colour board, to producing surveys, elevation, sketches and much, much more.

You Questions Answered.




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