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HI…Its my New Entry In the world of Blogging

A tag line that Always Inspires me…..
Human Life is deeper than Ocean and Taller than Sky…

for those who can Explore and fly…

Dear Friends, I am Amalendu Rakshit. A retired School Asst. Head Master of a 100 year old School Umakanta Academy

of the state of Tripura.

It had been quite a long time that I had retired and was getting

quite bored in my retired life. Recently, I have discoverd this

Hobby of Blogging.

I am Blogging in out here for quite a time but never been too much regular.

Perhaps its my time to get a bit serious at this moment.

I would Like to begin My blog with some discussions about

my state. Coz I feel A person who forgets his roots is worth of nothing.


Tripura is a tiny tot in the North Eastern Part of India. Before the partitions, It was inhabited by the Tribals known as The TRIPURIS who are the soil sons of this small piece of Land. These original inhabitants were really

very peace loving and had real simple way of living.

After the partitions, there has been a lot of infiltration in this part of the country and at present the state has 3:1 ratio of Bengales : Tribals.

Here is my start into the World of Blogging and shall be trying to

give a lot more in the future

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