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DHONI WANTED GANGULLY OUT OF THE ONE DAY TEAM , KUMBALE SHOWED sympathi towards gangully .whats this going on are we heading towards a fight in our team ” youngsters vs experiance holders ” . i think that dhoni is one of the best captains india have but this action of his raises the question that is he playing polytics sitting there .
Dhoni have not parformed in any of these tast matches , he was in only coz he is captain on one day team . is he thinking that these players (sachin , gangully , dravid , kumbale ) will take away all the credit if team india wins the seris .
Whtats ur stand over this my friends ?

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  1. nolimits says:

    yes policitis in cricket is going from a long time either it is in selection or in team its really bad for indian cricket.

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