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Google Map API : First Impressions

I started my exploration of Google Map API. For those who came late, Google Map API provide way to harness the power of Google Maps for your site. The API itself is JavaScript based. So if you have intermediate knowledge of JavaScript, then you are ready to work with GMap API.

The first step is to get a registration key. The key is a string which GMap server uses to “recognize” and authenticate you. To get the key the registration page asks for your web-site address. If you already have a website, then everything is well and dandy. However what if you are like me (I still dont have a page of my own)? My first thought was to grab a free web host such as geo-cities. But then decided to check the tried and tested “localhost”. I was not sure about Google accepting it. I was in for a surprise. It accepted the URL http://localhost readily and provided me the key. And thus I was well and ready to do my exploration and experimentation with GMap API.

Next step is to test the API with GMap’s version of Hello World.

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