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A change of mindset is what is required

Hi Friends,
Now what do you say about it…

Socialism or Capitalism does not really matter if your mindset is positive. You cannot blame it on socialism or capitalism for

1. Patronizing a bandh culture
2. Groupism and gettos for most trifle reasons
3. Minority appeasement at the cost of bowing before fundamentalists
4. Chauvinism – Cheer for Ganguli and boo for Dravid
5. Close down Jute Mills and other factories
6. Encourage Babudom in which all you do is to talk throughout the day without any action
7. Become volatile and misbehaved
8. Resort to ill temperament for even the most stupid reasons

That is exactly what West Bengal is today and I do not think its got to do with Socialism that West Bengal has become so negative. Its the failure to understand socialism and large scale indiscipline followed by an unexpected influx from th East has resulted in this.

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