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A good initiative…. but is it the whole story??

Hi friends.

my previous post is about the new political party founded by IITians, but recently i have read some thing more about it…
So i would like to share it with all of you which is sad by also an IITians…

He think an Indian does not have to be an IITian to have a wonderful vision that can be brought into reality.

Biggest example is Dhiru Bhai Ambani. He was not an IITian and as far as my knowledge goes, maybe he did not even attend college.

This factor should be considered by any new party that has the development of India as its main agenda on the manifesto.

he would even go on to say that for a great development of this nation, a party like BPD must recruit from the masses and the very grassroots.

This belief of mine springs from a deep conviction within me that says that the biggest innovations are produced by people who have suffered from the hardships of life.

Biggest example Thomas Alva Edison. He sold candy and newspapers on trains running from Port Huron to Detroit, as well as vegetables that he sold to supplement his income. Just see the hard life he had. Result was a number of innovations and patents that are still the maximum by anyone in history.

India has the makings of producing many Edisons of this new age because a big portion of our population is still living without many comforts. This population is bound to produce innovators of the finest quality.

All such brilliant people don’t go to IITs but they could be found in villages and towns across the nation. The BPD must give these people a chance alongwith the IITians.

If they want every member to be of as high a calibre as them, they should somehow ascertain the brains by conducting an interview but as he said they need to expand.

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