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Arranged Marriage – Desi Style

Hi friends,

Here now i want to share a process for Arranged Marriage in desi style –
The steps involved in an arranged marriage vary by communities and families. Most common scenarios are …

1. Broadcast of Availability: Groom or Bride announce that they are in market for an alliance.
2. Horoscope Matching: Consultation with astrologers and priests to find out compatibility.
3. Photo Exchange, Interview, and Background Check: Till this step the bride and the groom do not know what the other partner looks like! The pictures (and sometimes videos) are exchanged and if in agreement, one or more face to face interviews (called darshan) are arranged, during which elders are also present to help with familiarization. Background inquiries are conducted to dig past, bad habits (smoking, drinking, anger management problems) through relatives and friends.
4. Dowry and Contract Negotiations: Who pays how much for the wedding expenses, the gold, the dowry etc …
5. Engagement: If all the parties are in arrangement, sweets are shared to announce the engagement.

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