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Can define CREAMY-LAYER define that

Hi Friends,

Plz If u can define CREAMY LAYER define that………Bcoz no politician and no intellectual in India is able to do so till now……..

It’s not too hard to. Pretty simple thing. Those who took benefit of reservation to get higher education and then their children doing the same thing. It has to stop after at most two generations. Ones the beneficiary and the next generation gets the benefit and has a healthy salaried jobs the reservation should end there.

What is happening is contrary to this idea. These people can afford to send their children to good schools and after that higher education.

Now think about a poor Dalit ( and a poor common Indian) of first generation at the time of independence. Think of a Dalit who does not get primary and secondary education. His education ends before it starts. He remains poor and the next generation remains poor. If the first generation poor Dalit or (a common Indian) could get primary and secondary education, then only he could use reservation for higher education. So if he can’t get primary and secondary education he remains poor.

Now tell me what kind of reservation policy is this.

The moral of the story is:

Government has failed to provide primary and secondary education to Dalits (and common children). The creamy layer is taking benefits of that.

Does government have guts to upset the equation. No. It is just making sure that it creats this bubble of reservation talks appease Dalits and gets away with its failure to provide primary and secondary quality education.

I am not against reservation. But I am aginst this reservation policy of government even i am also belongs to reservation category.

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