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Don’t Ignore the Good Things

Let me have a word here. I live in the West, but I have lots of Indian and Pakistani friends, and I have been following both arranged and love matches.

So far I think the arranged ones work better, percentually.

Human heart is not a loyal gadget. Usually it falls in love again and again and again. If you get married to your beloved no 1, some years later you are in love with no 2. You may get divorced from no 1 because of that, but soon you notice you love no 1 again, or that you love no 3… Which is why people in the West are scared to get married unless they want kids, which happens usually with the beloved no 10 😉 But as being in love is the religion here, even kids don’t stop people from leaving their spouses for the beloved no 11.

Another thing is that you can fall in love with anyone, without truly understanding the true reasons. Like, some women fall in love with elder men, because they have such a weak relationship with their fathers. Untrustful alcoholists are very popular men here, because they very often speak in such a charming way. Et cetera.

I””m trying to say LOVE alone is not something you can trust so much you could build a castle on it.

And when everyone only has love marriages, there are also lots of people who would be perfect spouses, but who are not so charming in the first place people would get attracted to them. I know so many lovely Western men who may never get married because they don’t know how to make a woman fall in love. If there were arranged marriages, their arranged wives would be the happiest one Earth after getting to know these men!

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