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E-learning concepts is still new for india, but slowly slowly it gaining a very big height . Because the number of Internet users are growing continuously in india.
Hi Friends,
Now i am coming with a new E-Learning system.
E-learning in India is especially popular with the youngsters who wants to join the work force quite early but still would like to continue their education for improving his carrier ladder.

What is E-Learning?

Computer-based education, Virtual or Live Classrooms in which Content is delivered via the Internet, intranet/extranet, audio or video tape, satellite TV, and CD-ROM.

E-Learning Benefits:

* Use of online discussion forums can support learners in arriving at solutions and develop their interpersonal and communication skills.
* Multimedia presentation of lectures combined with online discussion boards can support a variety of types of learner, widening participation in learning.
* Online scenarios using digital images and animation provide engaging activities that stimulate learning and help learners to retain concepts.
* Learners unable to participate in face to face group activities can still enjoy the benefit of problem-based learning through animation and simulation.
* Online interactive activities or virtual worlds can reflect real life situations in which learners can test their skills and understanding safely.

E-Learning Management System:

Now days there are huge varity of E-Learning management systems is available In market. But when we talk about india’s E-Learning system there is only one cheep and best solution is available named as “Brihaspati – The Virtual Classroom” provided by Brihaspati Software Solution Pvt Ltd.

Brihaspati is available as both Open Source (freeware) and Commercial Version(at very low price in comparison to others).

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