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freedom mean to women in our society?


There are certain levels of fears & freedom…
To women, men have definately more freedom to work,move etc.. .
I agree with concerns expressed by other members that women are not even getting these min kind of freedom.

But I think there freedom has definately more borader meaning.. If we cud grasp that then having freedom to work, move etc will be special cases of that large notion..

But only freedom to move,work is not enugh in life. Being fearless is far more imp than these kinds of freedom And when u go on deep analysing the forms in which fears exist, then it does not matter whether u r male or female.(This is to emphasize
that men also have freedom problems though they do not realise that.. And I think the reason they try to keep women esp their wives under their control stems from
the internal fears..Instead of trying to become free from the suble psychological ears they try to restrict the freedom of women or even their children.. Some fathers rigdly control their children. So these things are pretty much related hence
I dont think I was deviating. )

And if u look at the men who live in villeges who are lowest in the cast hierachy, u will find that they are in as miserable position as u cud think of….
At least women in city do not have to commit sucieds just because they cant pay loans to banks as more and more farmers are doing..(This para is to support
men are also completely free as far as being able to move,work
etc leave alone freedom from fears etc.)

Well I want to explain it in much more detail..
Only thing is that I am not getting much time due to ma exams..
I can suggest some books though for more interested people..

1)Commentaries on living vol 1,2,3
2)Freedom from the fear of Unknown.
All by J. Krishnamurthy.
3)Krishnamurhty & The Unity of Man.
By Carlo Saures.
4)Ending of Time.
Conversations between J. Krishnamurhty & David Bohm(Nobel
lauriate)(He is a very famous quantum mechanist)

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