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Gujarat – The Reality

Media has spread lot of hatred for Gujarat due to communal riots. It was a blot but lets see why Gujarat is gr8..

No state in India can compete with Gujarat..

India’s 3 richest persons: Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani, Azim Premji r Gujarati.
5 out of 10 Richest Indians r Gujaratis including TATAS, GODREJS, TANTI of Suzlon.

Reliance, TATA, Godrej, Wipro, Suzlon, Nirma, Wackhardt, Lupin, Sun Pharma, Cadilla, Torrent are owned by Gujaratis.

ICICI bank started with its registered office in Vadodara in 1956(Read the account opening kit of icici bank)

UTI bank started with reg office in Ahmedabad in 1994.

Vikram sarabhai started Indian space program n so ISRO.

Infosys owner Narayan murthy was professor in ahmedabad IIM for 20 yrs n then started Infosys.

Aditya Birla has more than 6 Billions dollars invested in various plants in Gujarat.

Essar has oil petroleum refineries, steel plants, telecom with more than 12 billion dollars invested in Gujarat.

When ur farmers r agitating against Reliance SEZ, Gujarat has already finished many SEZ projects n has given green signal to 5 more SEZs.

n now to ur surprise, NASA astraunaut to create a new record in space Sunita Williams is a Gujarati..

Mahatma Gandhi, Mohd Ali Jinnah n Husband n father of Rajiv Gandhi, Mr Firoz Gandhi, all these r Gujarati……

In other states killings r common(be it hindu or muslim) but in Gujarat riots were just a temporary phase. Indian muslims r more prosperous n educated than muslims in other states.

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