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How do you deal with this?

Hi friends,

If your Boss is a bully , How to deal with this?
Action will depend upon couple of things:
a) Since when you are working in the company or How old employee you are?
b) How many friends you have, who can support you and are being bullied by your boss.
c) How is your boss political set-up. Does he has good contacts up the ladder?

If this is just the begining or new job, I will suggest you to keep quiet for sometime, prove your worth, make good friends. May be later on, you can take action against him by telling his superiors of what he is doing, but that will only work if his bosses has got any problem with him or do this when he is in problem. e.g. when any project he is handling goes wrong. Hit him hard at that time. This is what politics is? “Gadhe ko baap bana lo, kick his ass when the time comes”

If everything is in his favour, there is not much you can do but to change your job if you are afford to be bullied.

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