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How to get things done at work?

HI Friend,

Today, when every one is has very busy schedule but the no. of works not decreasing even they increase day by day. so many people want a way that provide How to get things done at work?

As i think there is some tips which can make it very easy to get work done.

1) Prioritize & break down work in samll segemnts if necessary
2) Chart down the list of people who can help u get the work/work segments done faster
3) Think why each of these people will help accomplish the work….i.e what’s in it for them list
4) Select the 1st few people who will be benefitted by accomplishment of that task/job 5) Convince them.
6) Let them complete the micro task
7) Collate the tasks

All this will give you variety of info & new insights into job at hand

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