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M F Hussain should draw Dasmunshi’s mother nude


There are a lot of question aries when M F Hussain draw Dasmunshi’s mother nude picture. Think abou it…..

Khajuraho has nude pics of people we don’t know, so we don’t mind. How hard is that for Pseudo-seculars to understand.

At Ajanta and Ellora there are soooo many rock cut sculptures of Gods and godesses infact you cant find not a single clothed godess at the Hindu caves in Ellora.

Now as usual i”ll get a stupid question…. to put me in a spot ! too….. So Lemme put this way…

@All Sanghis,Its not about the Mother painted in nude….. go through your history chapter of Indus valley civilization…. out of the important relics found….. there were TWO important relics found… one was a bronze statuette of dancing.. nude clad in bangles, one hand on her hip, and the other is the terecotta statue of the “Mother Godess” in nude.

If the earliest of the civilization had it, then whats the point in Not painting.. Just because of the rattling of the sick and disgusting Hindu fundamental organisations and their brainwashed kids…… shoul Everybody on this earth stop painting nude!

Just because Raja Ravi Varma started painted some fully clothed oleographs of Hindu Gods and Godesses.. everybody has sudden forgotten History….. Khajuraho, ajanta… ellora….. Madurai….. and numerous South Indian temple.
. Just look it from an artist’s view. In this country there’s Nothing called Freedom of speech and expression now- a days…. If a stupid line of a song makes you ban a film, If a film is made on the conditions of ancient Hindu widows in Benaras, then the director has to Go it in Canada and Sri Lanka to find the ghats, If Taslima Nasreen abuses Allah, then Muslims start shouting…If somebody far across in Scandinavia(Denmark) makes a cartoon, some people of UP play politics on IT.

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3 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    Why did not M F Hussain use his creativity in caricaturing Mohammed the Prophet. Was he afraid of the ramifications that he might have to face from his muslim brothern, which I guess he knew would be several times more disastrous than the minuscule low profile reaction from the Hindus, which the pseudo-secular media and parties blow out of proportion.


  2. betterlife says:

    Painting nude is not art. Any nude painting hurts the sensibilities of people. Some people may appreciate it under distorted thinking that it will prove to others that they are progressive. I do not know whether people in those days protested against nude paintings or not, but today people are protesting. This puts artists under social and moral obligation not to paint nude paintings. They and their supporters should not talk of freedom of expression. Not to hurt others is much more important than that.

    Love all, Hate none.

  3. quadeer says:


    he doesnt belongs to any community.he is not muslim only just name.

    he should be gulity doing this.

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