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Managing a tough subordinate

Managing a tough subordinate is not all that easy. The two words here that rings alarm bells here are “Subordinate” and “Tough”.
Now, putting some one into place is easy but, some points to remember before confronting your subordinate would be,
1. Does your subordinate like you or respect you as his/her boss?
2. Is your subordinate touchy?
3. Has the same issue been addressed earlier with the same person?
4. Is your subordinate adding value to your organization or is he/she a good worker?

If your answer to the first question is a confirmed yes, it makes your job very easy. A leader who is respected or liked can drive his people with emotions. Start off with, “You are such a wonderful worker but it hurts me to see that

.” End the conversation with “You would make me smile and save face if you .” No subordinate wants his boss to loose face if he/she likes his boss.

If your subordinate is touchy,

Never point out what your subordinate is bad at, always point out how good he/she is and how you think can make him/her the best. Make it sound like a praise. A praise in time can bring good results. This has always worked for me.

If your answer to the third question is a Yes, and it has been addressed more than once or if your last answer is a No, then you can be aggressive. Aggression has to be controlled, never mix personal life in the conversation and never pick up an old issue against the subordinate which is not relevant to the current situation.

Aggression can result in a resignation. If the last question is answered with a No, then good riddance to bad rubbish. Else, expect fire from your superiors for having lost a good worker to bad people management.

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