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Mothers role in a daughter’s life !

It is not right to think mother should make her daughter like sunita william but most important thing is to make them mature, educated, equal with male child and take her to the place where she could decide what she needs to do to make a good like with the contribution towards social responsibility.

Mother’s role in India is more dependent on father’s perception so father needs to change many views about daughter in context of equality, freedom of education and work.

We need social women and here’s the role of mother with the support of father lies to make her daughter capable to sustain her life in worst social or economical condition.And most important to shape up her for a good women as well as good mother so the next gen. youth would be responsible as sunita willian is to his job.

We need a virtue and moral like sunita william has inside but we need women to develop herself in every area of society. Mother’s role is very important as she could make her daughter as well as son sensitive and honest too. But it is wrong to say mother are fail sometime as fact is that father or the person who have a domination over mother is a responsible for that.

We need sunita williams but before that we need a mother like sunita william’s mother. we need Indira Gandhi and so on. But i think in this crowd we are unwittingly losing our identity. Instead of inspired from moral personality we wish to be them. It is impossible to be a Mother Teresa but it is 100% possible to be wat we are as a better person in our area.

We have a responsible and better mother than western have but we need to realize that men and denominational power is a thing that is constraining mother’s voice and true act.

Mother’s role is very broad in a daughter’s life and this is the reason we have honest and responsible women compare to men.

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