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Nine Things to achive any thing in life

Every body want a successful life but many of those don’t know how to achieve this success.
Actually success is a series of processes turning into a system. It is this system that we all need to follow, consistently, if we are to look back at our year with so much satisfaction.

Now i want to share some ideas for how to get success in a life ..
I think every one should have to follow the steps below if it is your desire to be successful in this New Year.

1) You need to have a dream.
2) Think good thoughts.
3) Discover your potentials.
4) Believe in yourself.
5) Don’t listen to the critics.
6) Learn, Learn and LEARN.
7) Never give up.
8) You can NEVER do without ACTION.
9) Let go and let GOD.

By : Ashish Yadav

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