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NRIs: R they more important than teachers n cops??

Hi friends,
now i would like to share view on new topic like……………………

Are the NRIs so important that the govt. of India regardless which party it belongs to doles them out benefit after benefits ..sops after sops . The recent PBD which is undergoin rite now.. the GOI is expected to bend down even more than the ususal in front of NRIs.

But the same govt. of India wont do anything to improve the state of common man.
The teachers and police are the most important factors which influence the society one lives in.

The teachers are pathetically paid.. a v.measely sum of salary is doled out to them and they are expected to be nation builders.. they are entrusted the responsibility to guide the youth for the benefit of the country.

The police which is responsible for law n order of the society.. is equally pathetically paid.. and are entrusted huge responsiblity of maintainin peace… and no untoward incident shud happen. The police suffers from huge shortage of manpower.. and are more than often over-worked.

Yet the govt. refuses to be kind to these 2 professions.. but wud do anything to please the NRIs.. teh absconders who have willingly ran off the responsiblity they have for the country..

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