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Political party by IITians

Hi friends,

In india a very large no of political parties available but our india’s corporate culture is very poor because of lack of advanced technology in our politicians.

so our top most engineers (IITians) decide to put our legs in politic for improving this
field and found a political party “Bharat Punarnirman Dal” which has objective of making our nation a world leader, a position, which the nation rightfully deserves.
It is very clear to the group that without reforming the political system any attempt to reform the society or the governance will be futile. This political organization is an attempt to fundamentally reform political system, by making educated middle class take active part in the political process and introduce the quality in the political system so that the country is run by highly educated and capable people, not by the criminals, mafias and corrupt politicians. Anti-social elements dominate the politics just because our educated and talented pool opts for other career option and does not participate in the political process. They do not vote, they do not raise issues afflicting our society. They do not want to join politics thinking that politics is filthy place full of dirty people. If educated section, the most capable section of our society would not clean up the system then who else do you think would do this job? This party is trying to awake the educated people and realize their responsibility. Bharat Punarnirman Dal is an attempt to provide the platform to young, intelligent and dynamic people for replacing the oldies and provide the dynamism in politics. Contact us: Sanjeev : 09911419807 Prashant: 09999954040 syadav_2000@yahoo.com website: www.bpd.org.in

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