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Hi Friends,
I am very sorry to say that …
The question is not about nationalism. MBA institutes are meant to churn out managers and in today’s MNC and global economic culture an exquisite written and spoken English skills is mandatory to beat thru cutting edges.

We are NOT France or China, lets face it. 90% of our FDI comes from English speaking nations and we are doing good because we have a tremendous potential in speaking and articulating English in business terms.

What were IIMS in the 1980s? Nothing more than high profile institutes in paper and not in action. Compare IIMS now. Their ramifications are felt here in the heart throb of world markets – Wall Street.

Business is an opportunity. Allowing CAT to be taken in Hindi or some other Indian language would only undermine the lingua of commercial Business buddies. We need to verbose such command in English that would level India to the world platform competitive to global scenario.

Hindi meri rashrtriya bhasha – let it remain that way. Even China which invariably used Chinese to impart its MBA education has now buckled under world pressure and universities in Shanghai are having open streams for the English vernacular.

IIMS are a blessing from the likes of Harvard and MIT. IIM-Calcutta was an inception of MIT . Not only by using reservation policies beyond measure are we reducing the capabilities of these institutes , now making CAT a non English language testing skill will blow up what ever we had…..

Mark well…. US economy is slowing down and cracks in Indian businesses is already showing their symptoms….. With such a frail stake on world economy, wonder how wise it is to lower the competitive edge of our Business Schools!

Mera Bharat Mahan!!!

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