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Women make better politicians….??

HI Friends,
Although a very little percentage of women in India are actively into politics but whoever are there have got guts, a strong belief and an urge to do something for the country, be it Sonia Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj, Uma Bharti, Jaya lalitha, Mamta Banerjee, Mayavati, all have emerged as strong leaders , leave aside the controversies attached to one or two, do u feel that women in India should be more n more encouraged to be in politics ?
Do Women make better politicians ??

Want to see my view continue to read this post

Had it been the case then all of them would have come together to support 33% women reservation bill leaving aside all political differences.

And btw there is controversy attached to each and every name you mentioned.
Not just on or two.

Well this abt the names you have mentioned.

But in general they can do a better job. At least I cant see a woman in charge making frauds in coffins and defence things. And woman tend to be more sensitive..
There are few excpetions like Mayawati though who is almost like any other male politician..

But there is no need to look for only reknowned names. There are many women working at grassroot level doing excellent job than these high profile ones. esp in panchayat raj.

Only thing is that women are not getting say in decision making at the highest level. like they are not getting cabinet sits like external affairs, home ministry etc.

But I have observed one thing once they go from grassroot to higher levels there own goals and paradiagms change. Uma Bharti, Susma swaraj were doing excellent job when they were not in power. They were like “Tejaswi Indian Women”. But once they got into power the energy they used to radiate in there speeches was gone. They were delivering things that party wants them to deliver.

So we will have to wait and watch. We havent yet witnessed a woman who has climbed upto the highest post and has delivered what we expect from an ideal
politician though women at grassroot level have shown great promise.(Indira Gandhi would have been a roll model but ended up in imposing emergency.)

So I am saying they can…they really have not..after having reached to the higher posts.

Encouragement will definately catalyze there way to higher posts. But even if they dont get encouragement it I am sure they will get on their own. Every sensitive person would encourage them as women doing excellent job at grassroot level remains one of the hopes that Indian politics has.

i am waiting for your view………………….

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    Mr. Q was the conduit for Sonia and that too for the Bofors defence deal. So your presumption that woman donot fraud about in defence deals may not be right.


  2. nishunishaa says:

    watch out for my post and let me know …about the results…via poll…..

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