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Blood Donation

Blood Donation:
As we see in our day to day life blood plays an important role in keeping us more active and alive. Day by day the requirements for blood are increasing as the requirement of food. We see many accidents in our day to day life day by day the rate of accidents are also increases. Many people die on the spot of accidents due to heavy loss of blood, some die on the way to the hospital, we can save the life of people by donating the blood this timely help could save the life of a person.

Think over this fact that a matter of 1 unit of blood could save the life of a person nothing you loose in donating a unit of blood. The blood you donate will be gained in a matter of the next 10 minutes.

You can start donating blood after three months since your first donation of blood. You must leave at least a 3 months gap for every donation of blood.

The another interesting fact is that the more you donate the blood the more the fresh and young blood enters your body and this would help you to keep you active. The person who donates the blood is called the donor and the one receives from the donor is called acceptor.

We see in our day to day life that many blood donation camps have been organized by many public, non-profit organizations, social welfare associations, and we see many youths and senior citizens take part in these events and donate blood. If they can do why can’t we.

Every time you donate blood to other you are saving one human being’s life. We also get a free report about our blood. We can know our blood group. So donate blood and save life.

Following are the blood groups available

Other than O+ all the other blood groups are rare blood groups. O+ is called Universal Donor since it is accepted by any other blood group. But on the other hand it is not Universal acceptor since it matches only for O+.

So donate blood Be Healthy, Save a Life.

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    good blogs for good knowledge of blood group………………..


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    Thanx for ur comment

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    i want to donate blood…but i m weak….

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