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Sunday is a holiday in almost all parts of the world except in few muslim countries. They have the friday as the weekly holidays. So, the holiday I am to talk about now is the Sunday. Like every week ends at the last day, i.e., the Sunday, that particular week of February 2008 also ended in a Sunday. I was home with my five year old NIECE. She is cute and keep querring the whole world of questions to me whenever she gets me alone. She started asking me as my cell phone rang and I attended to the caller. Oh I forgot. She call me by my nick name that my MOM use to call me.

Babu, who called you ? I said to my niece, her name is onky or ankie, it was Nath uncle.
From where did he called?
From his home.
What did he asked?
About my well being.
Don’t he talked about me?
Yes, he did. He enquired are you still taking to chocolates or not.
Is he coming over here?
MMMMMM yes but not today?
Will he bring me chocolates?
I don’t know. He did not mentioned.
Is he coming alone or aunty is coming with hime?
I don’t know baby.
Why don’t you asked him?
I forgot.
Can I talk to him now?
What do you want to say?
I want to say him hello and ask him whether he had taken meals.
It is morning only, he just wake and might be brushing his teeth.
O Key, I shall talk to aunty then.

With this sort of conversation, I got somewhat annoyed as I was in hurry to visit the city for some marketing and to attend the cybercafe. So, I asked her, did you read this morning?
She replied, yes I read for some times.
What did you read.
I was doing the arts.
What did you draw?
She was puzzled by this time and then started to stammer to answer me……
I asked again, tell me what did you draw…………….

she replied in a hurry





and rushed out to her mother…………..

I laughed within myself and look for my mobikes keys…………

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hi How are u doing??? Kids always make our day lovely. Your niece is very smart and thanks for sharing such a lovely humourous one.

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