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It was a story of one of my friend. He was in his school days in class V or class VI. One winter afternoon he was returning from school with three of his friends. The way home they were gossiping the games and adventures they had been through. Of the four one uttered that he travelled to Kolkata with his parents on a train and the journey on the train was most enjoyable and memorable. On hearing about the journey on train is enjoyable my friend shouted at the top of his voice “Moi ketiaoo trainot utha nai”, meaning I haven’t travelled in train yet. And all of his four friends except the one just said about the journey to Kolkata agreed to his voice. My friend asked again, COME ON! LET US HAVE A RIDE TODAY ITSELF. They were at the railway station at that moment. The other three were scared of the idea as they have to return home as their parents will be worrying about them. They refused the idea. But my friend said that we will just travel a short distance and return as soon as we realise the enjoyment of train journey. Still his other three friends were refusing. At that moment the train entered the station, a passenger train, and my friend jump into it with a comment to his other three friends, ” i will travel by this train now itself. Its upto you whether you want to accompany me or not”. As the train was to leave, the other three friends also jump into the train and started a journey without a destination.

(to be continued)……………….

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