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Whenever we go for a something which is important for our life, we are wished by our well wishers. Our well wishers are our friends and family members in general. But it is not necessarily that a well wisher be a friend or a family member. Sometimes a stranger can be our well wisher. Social workers are well wishers in general. But what does social worker do is for the benefits of general people. By there works and actions many of the well to do or politically powered or like profile parties be annoyed or disturbed.

What we achieve in our life is because of our hard work and labor. But knowing all these also, we credit our achievements to our well wishers. This is humane. So, no matter how much struggle we do to achieve the milestone, we never say that it is because of the hardwork we had done to achieve so. But, useless we say that this is because of so and so helping me to skip such and such so that I can put labor for my achievement. It is true that there are some contribution from the others side too in most of the cases, but they are negligible. They shall not be counted as the major task was done by the achiever. Else, the supportive work we give credit to is done by everybody for every participants for the achievable task. But all are not succeeded. Only one or few reach the milestone. Rest wave there hands from a far and some put up their thumb in aplaud.

So, whenever we go for appearing some sort of tests, participating in some compititions, the wish we use to get is all the best or BEST OF LUCK.

The part we left untouched is our luck. We often forget about our luck. Though I personally do not trust on luck, it is there. Because, unless LUCK favors us, we can not achieve anything. Maybe when we are leading a 100 m race, just before touching the finishing line, we may fall down. There are instances, and this is called luck.

So friends,


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  1. lkjhgf says:

    Luck is always one of the part which helps in our success. Though we cannot b totally dependant on it but it has a impact on what we do. Thus we say best of luck to tyhe person who is going for achieving some milestone.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

  2. jmalhotra says:


    Luck does play an important role in our life…and if someone wishes you all the best ..it gives you confidence to win and be successful in the relevant field or work….

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