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I start my day with a prayer to keep me well through out the day. The work I do demands handling lot of CASH. As I have to work in cash counters, I want to keep my brain cool. It is a daily requirement of every person who despatches cash to customers. Sitting before a lifeless computer is boring unless you get to interact with people. While interecting with human beings, it is obvious that you get some emotions and sometimes the anger too. The most difficult emotions to control or hide from public is anger. Anger affects the person who is angry. There is rush of blood to the brain and the person who is angry can be compared to a mad person. So I have to pray always to keep my anger at a distance.

The day was well and good. I had been there in the cash counter smoothly working the day long before siting in front of my computer to write to my friends. But I was too late and so have to end the day saying good night to all my friends who are still awake to read me.

Rather I may wish good morning to my friends, who got up to read the mails and messages of their friends and getting ready for a shining tomorrow.


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  1. dulaliputra says:

    Nice post.Keep it up. Yes, interaction with people makes the use of computer a pleasant one. I surf, I blog – but get pleasure when I hear from internet friends.

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