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Everyone is busy buying luxurious cell phones so that they can have their selected ringtones with lot many other features like music, videos, et. etc. Though the recent budget suggests a hype in the price of cell phones or mobile handsets, still there will be thousands of newer products exchange in the market. Those who had simple color phones will go for one with video recordings with extended memories and so so.

Anyway, we get to hear a thousands of rings in our day to day life. Only few of them attracts us. They should be unique with some attractiveness in them. There are thousands with common ringtones and no one cares about those. But sometimes in the rush whenever some set rings out with something different, we just shift our gaze towards that ring. As if we were reflaxed by the uniqueness or sweetness of the tone.

I was doing little research on that type of tones with myself. I use various tones and just check who are looking at me when my mobile cries out. After using varities of them I came to a conclusion that people are attracted to those tones which have a high pitch. Of all the ringtones, the one I found HOT is the whistling of “HI HI RE HI RE LADKI; HI HI RE HI….”. It attracts most of the person around. And some of them just retract by the annoyance it cause whereas others look back to see who is crying so impatiently but with a tune.

I had tried a flute tone too. It too attracts attention but not in the rush. Rather the tone suits best when the volume of the tone is kept to its minimal.

Though I am not a researcher, I enjoy doing it and so I was observing it almost for a couple of years. There are many newer tunes everyday, but they are temporary like todays songs of Ila Arun or Sonu Nigam or So and so, but not like the ones of Rafi, Lata, Kishore.


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  1. lkjhgf says:

    One of my friends told me about the recent news flash out that there will be many restrictions imposed on the ringtones as it had incurred a loss of Rs.800Cr to the Bollywood.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

  2. Service_to_all says:


    The ring of ones mobile is to attract oneself and to inform that there is a call waiting. I agree that the ring tone that one chooses, has to be pleasant and that too to oneself. More over what is pleasant to one may be obnoxious to another.

    What is sweet to one could be poison to another.


  3. sajeevss says:

    I beleive that a ring tone reflects one’s personality, if it is some ring tone saying Hi ladki…u will definitely hear it on a young teenagers/college going boy’s mobile.Suttle ring tones of evergreen hits reflects your calm personality. Choose your ring tone with care ….

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