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It was a sunday morning when I wake out of my bed at around 11 am. It was a sunny day. I was dreaming in my sleep of nothing special but something sweet. I was looking for my slippers that were kicked last night by me inside the bed. I was puzzled what to do next. As I was curious finding out my slippers, I was excited too to know who was waiting outside of my door.

Actually I don’t wake up so early on sundays. As I keep surfing the net, the entire saturday night, I love sleeping till noon the other day or the Sunday. So none of my friends visit my place on the morning hours of the day. They all knows that I am good at sleeping late. Even if I keep my cell phone switched on, I hesitate to attend any call that might have come for me. But still I keep my mobile always on. Atleast I can see who are the persons that had tried to disturbed my sound sleep. Unfortunately it was not my cell phones ring that wake me up on the Sunday morning, but it was my door bell which was ringing almost constantly.

After finding out my slippers at the edge of under of my bed, I looked for a stick to pull them out. I have to move to the other room to find out the stick. The bell was still irritating my morning. Finally I could find out the stick. A round stick. I recalled from where I collected the stick. Yes, the stick was been preserved in my wadrobe from my college days. During my college days I was a sports secretary and for that years annual sports parade I had been given the responsibility to present every cadets of my parading troop to allocate a white shirt out of my college fund. I purchased a full lot of the white shirtings and it was rolled over that particular stick which I am preserving since than. It is as smooth as my face and as slim as my body is. I like it because I take its help in many occassions. Sometimes even I take it out to frighten the neighbours cat which suddenly jumps over my open kitchen window in search of milk. The bell rang again.

Hurriedly I pulled out my slippers from under the bed and rush to the door. The bell was ringing again. I pull down the bolt of the door. And slam open the door. There was a breeze of wind which was sweeped in by the force of the door with which it moved inside. Hairs of my forehead blewed away over my head. A bright light suddenly engulfed the darkness of my so far closed room. The dirty curtain which was hanging out of my just opened window was dancing to the wave of the breeze that was blown little before. I pull aside the curtain to see who the hell was disturbing my sleep.
I was surprised to see the face of a puzzled girl who was stading still outside my room. I could not recognize her but still gave a questioning look to her. Though I was angry for her did, forcefully I brought a smile to my face and asked what favour I can do for her……….

The girl smiled back and said,


Then I realised that yesterday I was processed by a telecaller to purchase one of the water filter that was launched recently in the market.

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4 Responses

  1. dulaliputra says:

    Nice to see you after a long interval just like the tellecaller girl to remind us – “Are you ready to accept my blog”. Nice blog. Nice expression. I like it.

  2. Swathi says:

    nice blog and beautifully written

  3. asomormridul says:

    Thank you for your compliment on my blog post. I tried jotting down some words in sequences and I am thankful that the assembling of words to make meaningful sentence is liked by you.

    Have a good Day.

  4. lkjhgf says:

    Many people r in same condition at sunday morning as u described early in the blog.Nice description at the end.

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