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I had been to the city recently where i decided to purchase a computer. I was looking for a exceptional configuration and so decided to purchase the different items and assemble it at my home. I asked for the rates and keep on changing shops to satisfy myself that I will not be at lost. I mean to say that, I was trying to get the cheapest price for all my purchased. Half of my day passed looking for the parts and prices.

Before making the final purchase, I rang back to my friend who is a computer expert, and have a well information about the recent price tags. As I dialled the number of his cell phone, my mobile got hanged. I was puzzled again. I waited for aroud five minutes to get the hang out of my cell. I dialled again, but the same result. But on the third attempt the call started flowing to the other end but after about a minute a sweet little lady replied, your call has been forwarded, please stay on line. I was somewhat annoyed.

I cancelled the call and tried again. This time I can catch his caller tune. My friend replied. After a short conversation I came to the point. I enquired about the prices of respective computer accessories which I had in my configuration. My friend was silent for a while. After a pause of silence he replied” are you sure you are going to buy one?”
I replied to his quary with affirmation.

He again took a pause. With a deep breath, he just said, why don’t you go for a laptop? I will suggest you to buy one laptop instead of a PC. And if you really want my view in this regard, I will suggest you to buy a lenovo laptop.

I asked why he is insisting me to buy a lenovo.

He sighed and replied in a funny but exiting tune

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  1. dulaliputra says:

    Very nice yaar!

  2. asomormridul says:


    Thank you for your time reading my blog posts. Its nice to get a reader who constantly inspires me to write more.

    Have nice time ahead………..YAAR……

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