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Finally my friend and his classmates reached a station. The train with a bang halted and the birds in the nearby trees fly away with the sound produced by the friction of the iron wheels over the rails. All the four friends jumped out of the train. There was green forest all around them except a small gathering of travellers, some are boarding on the train and a few were jumping out with the joy of arriving their destination. The small kids were abit nervous on arriving in a jungle which they never had seen before. They first thought of returning back on their foot to their homes, but due to the thick forest they were scared of wild animals.

My friend advise came out like a prophacy. Let us go further and we will reach a bigger station with too many people. Then we will board on another train down(they were travelling upwards). With his suggestion, all jumped up to the train again and the train began to crawl on the rails as it started at the junction where my friend with his classmates load themself in. They got two more similar stations on their way and they decided to travel until they reach a bigger station.

After few minutes of tension and nervousness, they finally arrived at a big station. The distance between the station where they boarded the train and the big station was approximately 25 kilometers as per my friends version. All of them get down there and jumped in satisfaction and thrill of the journey. The sun was preparing to go down to the sea bed than. My friend and his friends got sense of the time and decided to think for the way to get back home.

(to be continued)………..

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3 Responses

  1. dulaliputra says:

    Nice to read the adventure.

  2. nishunishaa says:

    where you had gone for the trip???

  3. asomormridul says:

    THANK YOU FOR READING THE POST. Actually it was not me but my friend who was travelling for the first time in train when he was in standard VI.

    The journey started at Diphu and ended at Dimapur. But still lot more are there which can thrill you. If you feel like knowing it in full, you can read the next parts too.

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