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I was visiting a shopping mall when I figured a girl of around 20 in a pink salwaar kamiz. The pink is the color of love and so it attracts a thousand sight. Fortunately, my attention was drawn towards that girl under pink cover. I was following her ways for a while and finally locate her by a cloth store. I had nothing to be purshased, yet I proceeded to that special place. My gaze was fixed at the hairs of the girl, free flowing brownish black hairs falling down upto her waist. With her every words, the head was moving a little. But I was desperate to turn her around. Indeed she turned a little and to my bad luck, I just could imagine a face not see anything rather. I was nearing the store and at the same time her. She took two steps forward and I occupied her spot, where she was standing until few seconds back and just leave purposefully few steps ahead.

I can hear my heart pounding heavily, but still it was not so loud to reach the ears of that pinky gal. Finally she turned, with a force backwards, looked straight to my eyes for a while and dropped it and then immediately leave the place may be for her friend. But before she left I could notice a sweet smile sparkled across her lips, which glowed the fades that she made over the lips with her brown lipstic.


Just a single word slipped out of my mouth. I was drawn back. I forgot that the place where I was standing at that moment was a clothe store. I repeated the word for many times, BEAUTIFUL, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,BEAUTIFUL………….. AND BEEEE………

I immediately rushed to the exit as I saw her heading towards the door. I took long steps so that I don’t miss her for a second or so. Everything I was doing was so involuntary…………………….


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2 Responses

  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hi You are in love. Wow what a nail biting story buddy, I straight away went to the conclusion to know what happen in the end without reading in the middle. That was romantic one from you. Mind blowing…. 🙂

  2. sajeevss says:

    Two thing you should know ….PINK always suits ladies ……..look around ……u”ll notice and how many men can u see wearing Pink……another thing is that when you stare or lookm at a person for long be sure that they can sense it and will look at you….in – built ESP is there for everybody!!

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