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LAGE RAHO is the most common form of comment we can give to struggling persons. Though this phrase is used to name hindi movie(lage raho munnabhai) and also used in advertisements(alpinelibe), it has a deeper meaning. Just like the NIGHTWATCHMAN shouting at the wee hours of night “JAGE RAHO”, the phrase phonetics sounds similar.

LAGE RAHO is a hindi word which means carry on. It is a inspiring phrase to boost up the enthusiasm of struggling participants of any work or competition. If we feel beyond the phrase, we may feel like(lage raho) if you want to succeed, if you want to win the race, if you want to complete the task, etc.

It can mean another way too. Lage raho if you want to survive, if you want to catch him up, if you want your demands to be fulfilled, if you dont still don’t believe that the task is impossible.

Forget the negative side. I am here to say you the positive sides of the phrase. IF YOU WANT TO GET BETTER RESULT OUT OF YOUR WORK, CARRY ON.

LAGE RAHO, you are going to be ……………….

complete the remaining part whatever you feel like.

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  1. dulaliputra says:

    Yes , it is also applicable for us. Most of the old friends are also assembled here is pointing to “LAGE RAHO” and we are carrying on as we are going to be satisfied person.

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