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THIS IS A LETTER I FEEL I SHOULD LET TO READ EVERY BLOGGERS OF THIS SITE. THIS EVENING WHEN I WAS SURFING THROUGH MY MAILS AT Yahoo, I got a personalised mail from you. You are the first to send personalized mail to every members of your site, atleast this is how do I feel about. I have a member of too many blogging sites and till now did not recieve such personalised mails except for the welcome note. This is the second time I am getting a personalized mail regarding the informations of site changing its face.

Shall I have to thank you for that?

Anyway, even if you answer no, than also I am taking the time to thank you publicly for your efforts to keep personalized contact with your members. It is great to see such personalized messages, in our inbox, from where we are working, regarding the changes that took place within the site. Continue this effort. A little extra care will keep your members within the community which you are building.

It feels great to hear that you are alloting us google adsense platform. But the thing is that, once I had an adsense account at google which was deleted because of some unknown reasons. I had given the publisher ID at writingcampus and the site was somewhat like your site. There I used to get comments on my posts and i have to go to my pages to see what was written in the comments. May be because of opening my own site, they had discontinued my account. Since than, I had given up visiting that site.

If this happens to me in your site too, than I shall be leaving you too. So please let us know in what conditions adsense discontinues accounts. I had been through the terms and conditions of the site but could not clearified my doubts.

Anyway, I thank you once more for your personalized mails stating changes in your site. KEEP IT UP.

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