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Once I have been to a bookshop to look after some good poetry books. There are a lots of books of various writers. I could identify only a few of them and most were seem new to me. I had been through few of the pages and read out some poems out of those book. I still remember the evening when I was reading a lot of poems just to select a good poem to be stolen from there. I was busy over the books and could not manage to get a satisfying poem. It took lot of my time. Because, when I had gone through the poems, the poems appear familiar to me. As if I had read them before. Somewhere, sometimes.

I had to return empty handed. Actually I needed something to contribute towards my school magazine. I am not so talented to creat something really readable. (Neither I am now). So I had no other option but to steal others works. I had been through around hundreds of poems and could not select one out of them. I was pretty depressed not to find out something which I was looking for and presuming to be a easy task. Later I realized how difficult it is to steal something. May be the stealing is the hardest thing people can do in this world, it was what I was thinking at that moment.

Finally I sat on my table and took out my pen with a white paper. I take my newly bought dictionary by my side and turn its pages in search of attractive words. Finally I could manage to collect some 50 or so words out of the huge dictionary of more than thousands pages. Finally I tried to build sentences out of those collected words using some joining phrases, verbs, conjunctions, etc. But the outcome was horrible. Finally I gave up the decision of submitting something for the school magazine and just went out to the greens to play cricket with my friends.

Wish I could write something on that day??

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