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In every week there is a Saturday as there is Monday, Tuesday, Wednessday, Thurseday, Friday and Sunday. But Saturday is something special for most of us. The week begins with Monday and ends in Saturday. This is the main cause for which everyone have a special liking towards Saturday. As the week progressess, most of us start countdowns. At the start of the week, we count something like a day of a busy week has ended. But once wednessday is over, we start counting in the reverse order. Two more working days for the Saturday.

Saturday begins a weekend. We plan our trip for the weekend at the begining of the week. As the saturday nears, we start preparing for our plans to put into action. And as the day finally arrives, we pack up and go out for a picnic, short sight seeing or gather somewhere to have fun. We forget the tiredness we had encountered the week long. We regenrate our lost energy of the week by utilising the time for entertainments of various sorts.

As the Saturday passess out, we realize that there is only one day before a hectic week. We are so stressed with the increasing pressure at our work place that we really forget the free time we are having on the sunday. We feel some short of disturbed on Sundays as its end will bring a new busy week.

So, I will love to say that almost everyone in this universe loves the Saturday more than they love any other day of the week.

The developing tourism industry all over the world is also emphasising on the importance of saturdays in our life. Most of the newly wedded couples take a outing at a cool restaurent on the evening of the saturday to have a peaceful meal away from the busy and annoying noise of public and the machines. Most of the bachelors and spinstars buy a ticket to the DISCO to relax their brain in the dim light of marvelous music sipping few pegs of wines with their dark lined lips.


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