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THE train leave the station with a long whistle which echoed back from the hills which can be viewed well from the station itself. My friend was thrilled as the train moved with a little jerk and started hissing to increase its speed. They do not have any destination. One of the four young passangers asked, where we are heading. My friend answered, whenever we will feel bore, we will ask the conductor to stop the train and then we will back home from there by another train. Then one of them said, trains do not have conductors but tity’s. (At that age, he was young enough to understand TTE and so he pronounced like somewhat I had written above).

My friend enquired, what a tity (TTE) is, and then the other replied- he is the conductor of the train in white dress and black coat. He checks the tickets of the passenger.

My friend realised than that they do not have any money or ticket with them. So, he enquired what they shall do if the trains conductor asks them for the fair. Everyone was silent for a while and then my friend spoke again, O Key! We shall say him that we never rode in a train and so tested how it feels to travel by train. They were going the distance the train was travelling. The sun started moving faster to the west.

(to be continued……..)

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