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When we were at college, we had been sent for an excurssion from our college. We were around 160 students divided into two groups of something around 80 each. I was in the second group which left Guwahati for the tour two days back of the first group. Our College Authority booked a railway wagon for each group and we were given that for nearly about a month.

As our journey progressed, we travelled a lot of places and in between the mid of the excurssion tour, we reach Bombay, now Mumbai. after a day at Mumbai, fourteen of our friends skip the siteseeing over the Mumbai City and left for Goa catching a night service. By morning, we were at Goa. On arriving at Goa, we booked two rooms for our morning refreshments. In the mean time we arranged for a matadoor to carry us for that day for site seeing. By around 8 in the morning we were loaded to the Matadoor and went for site seeing. Our main attraction was the beaches over there. First we get down for about an hour at the COLUNGUTE BEACH (I may spell it wrong as I am going by the phoenetics). There were thousads of tourists sunbathing over there. Seeing the water bed, we can not prevent changing ourself to shorts and jump into the sea. As we were not accustomed to the pattern of wave over there, we have to adjust for few minutes to jump with the tune of the waves. After a long time of sweeming, jumping, running on the broad water, I got thirsty. One of my classmate was seating at the soar and I went upto him for some waters. I remember the lines “WATER WATER EVERYWHERE, BUT NOT A DROP TO DRINK”.

I saw a bottle full of colorless liquid in the hand of my classmate and extended my hand for a sib. He handed me over the bottle. But as I pour it to my throat, I expelled all the liquid at once. He laughed seeing my reparkation. I was nearly dying by than and he could read my face and forwarded me a water bottle. After getting normalcy, I asked what that liquid resembling water was. Then my friend replied, it is FANNY. The Goan liquor.

But still I feel the thrill of playing carelessly in the marine water. It was so exciting.

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    The beaches of Goa are a absolute wonder and specially the blue water there is awersome to watch.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

  2. jmalhotra says:


    Goa is a beautiful place and one cannot forget the beaches around …you too seems to have enjoyed it thoroughly

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