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I have been informed by the admin of this site that, google adsense is to be applied on this site from next month. I suppose most of us are not aware how adsense works. I had joined adsense and earned little bucks in dollars. As I started growing my purse, I got a message on my Gmail account that my adsense account has been disapproved. It is good to disapprove or ban an account but the person whos account is banned should be informed for what fault of his, the account was banned. I tried to contact, but there was a clear instruction that we the customer can not contact google adsense if our account has been rejected. But the cause remains mistery.

Anyway, I have no regrets. But we should be made aware why these things happens. I was a well stablished member of writingcampus placing myself among the top five users by points and I used that platform for adsense advertisement as per norms of the site. But once my account was blocked, I stopped visiting the site.

Anyway, I ask my friends over here that if they apply for adsense, they should know when and for what the adsense accounts by google gets blocked. If for viewing the comments against your blog post, you are going against the conditions of adsense account, then you will not get to read the comments on your creation.

I shall also request the admin of this site to write a post on how google adsense works and for what works of ours, our account may get blocked in their own and simple language.

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  1. dulaliputra says:

    I am a member of Adsense. I have earned nothing so far.
    Why the Admin of this site is going to apply adsense here. If it makes no harm , no objection , otherwise — let us see what happens.

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