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Should Orkut blocked? 11

Should Orkut blocked?

We all know that Orkut is a big community place where many of us meets our friends & other relations. But there have many noisy thing which makes us unhappy.

Request to all bloggers 10

Request to all bloggers

This is a request to all bloggers of .

Please read this carefully .

Dear members,

Please feel free to give your comments about my decision.

Free SMS 7

Free SMS

Calcutta telephones has launched a new web service for all India.

Value of Health 4

Value of Health

Good health is a man’s precious possession. One who enjoys good health can enjoy life in the real sense. there can be no real happiness in life if one does not have a good health.

Aladin’s Lamp 2

Aladin’s Lamp

Electricity is something like an Aladin’s lamp. Just by switching on a button we get electricity doing everything for us. Electricity plays an important role in our daily life. It cooks our meals.

Cottage Industries Of India 4

Cottage Industries Of India

Cottage industries are essentially small scale industries run mostly by a handful of men in or near their own house. Our country has a huge population, but a large number of them are unemployed.

The insanity of war 1

The insanity of war

Only a few years back there was a great war. Most of the countries of the world were in it and everyone of them was trying to kill as many people as possible on the otherside.